Aaron Moten

What is Aaron Moten’s Net Worth?

Who is Aaron Moten

Aaron Moten is an American actor who has been steadily building his career with roles in both television and film. Here’s the scoop on him:

  • Born in Austin, Texas in 1989, Moten started acting while young, participating in his school theater program.
  • After graduating from the prestigious Juilliard School, a performing arts conservatory in New York, he began acting professionally.

Television Appearances:

  • Moten landed his first major television role in the Netflix sitcom “Disjointed” (2017-2018), where he played Travis Feldman, the son of a main character.
  • He has since appeared in other TV shows like the Fox drama “Next” (2020), playing FBI employee Ben.

Film Roles:

  • Moten has been making his mark on the big screen as well.
  • He recently starred in several films, including the historical action drama “Emancipation” (2022), where he played the character Knowls.
  • He also appeared in the Mark Wahlberg movie “Father Stu” (2022) and the post-apocalyptic sci-fi series “Fallout” (2024) on Amazon Prime Video, where he portrays Maximus, a squire of the Brotherhood of Steel.

Family Life (Publicly Available Information):

  • Details about Aaron Moten’s personal life are somewhat private.
  • It is known that he comes from a military family, with his father being a retired U.S. Army officer.
  • He is married and has a child, but their names haven’t been publicly disclosed.

His Net Worth

Unfortunately, there isn’t publicly available information on Aaron Moten’s specific net worth.

Celebrity net worth can be tricky to pinpoint as it considers income from various sources like:

  • Salary per acting role (film and television)
  • Brand endorsements
  • Public appearances

Without access to his private financial information, it’s difficult to give a concrete number. However, based on his career trajectory and roles in projects like “Disjointed,” “Emancipation,” and “Fallout,” he’s likely doing well for himself in the entertainment industry.


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