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Tyler Hoover Biography, Wiki, Age, Wife, Hoovies Garage, Net Worth

Tyler Hoover Biography and Wiki

Tyler Hoover is an American automotive Youtuber and writer based in Wichita, Kansas famous for his youtube channel called “Hoovies Garage”. At Hoovies garage, Tyler makes videos about his collection f cheap enthusiast vehicles, which he calls “The Hooptie Fleet”.

In 2016, Tyler embarked on a unique journey by establishing his very own YouTube channel, aptly named “Hoovies Garage.” This digital haven became the canvas for his captivating endeavors with an extensive collection of vehicles that he affectionately refers to as the “Hoopties Fleet.”

The premise was refreshingly unconventional – he sought out the most budget-friendly yet intriguing automobiles, a lineup that spanned from a Tesla Model S to a Bentley Continental GT and even a Mercury Marauder.

With a dash of ingenuity and a dash of grease under his nails, Tyler’s hands-on approach to car ownership was evident. Whether it was a Tesla or a Bentley, he wasn’t afraid to get his hands dirty.

The essence of “Hoovies Garage” was as much about the cars as it was about the unique charm that Tyler brought to each transformation. Collaborating with his skilled mechanic, affectionately known as “The Car Wizard,” the duo set out to resurrect and reinvent these vehicular gems.

Tyler’s exploits went beyond the usual path of car enthusiasts. Rather than focusing solely on restoration, he often ventured into the territory of modification. His projects weren’t just about resuscitation; they were about personalization and the thrill of creation. This enthusiasm sometimes led to unforeseen financial outcomes. The allure of modifications occasionally meant he sold these rejuvenated cars at a loss, after pouring heart and wallet into their transformation.

The inaugural video on his channel, posted on September 7, 2016, delved into Tyler’s impressive feat – converting his Mercedes-Benz 300 SD (W126) from an automatic transmission to a manual one. This showcased not only his mechanical prowess but also his willingness to embrace the unconventional in the automotive world.

Yet, his most viewed video, with a staggering 4 million views as of July 2018, was a reflective journey through a year of ownership with his 2007 Mercedes-Benz S600 (W221), a gem he snagged for a mere $4500.

This journey encapsulated the unpredictability and adventure that characterized Tyler’s automotive escapades. In that first year, he poured nearly $10,000 into reviving and maintaining the vehicle, a testament to the passion that fueled his endeavors.

By July 2018, “Hoovies Garage” had evolved into a thriving community of more than 340,000 subscribers, who eagerly tuned in to witness each twist and turn of Tyler’s automotive odyssey. “The Hoopty Fleet,” Tyler’s term for his vehicular congregation, grew to encompass a grand total of 38 cars.

This included a mix of 14.5 personal vehicles and an intriguing 24 cars procured for a reality television series he had embarked upon. And then there was the 0.5 car, a unique narrative in itself – a 1983 Chrysler LeBaron Town & Country Mark Cross Edition buried 10 feet underground as part of an extraordinary video experiment.

Tyler Hoover Age

Tyler is 34 years old as of 2022, He was born in 1987 in Wichita, Kansas. It is not known when Tyler celebrates his birthday.

Tyler Hoover Height

Tyler stands at an average height of 5 feet 11 inches (1.8m) with a moderate weight of 75kg (165 lbs).

Tyler Hoover Parents and Family

Tyler was Osborn and brought up in Wichita, Kansa by his loving parents, he graduated from Wichita State University with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Government.

Tyler Hoover Wife | Quynh Anh Hoover

Tyler is married to his lovely wife Quynh Anh Hoover who is actually Vietnamese but grew up North of Saigon. Tyler’s wife Quynh Anh immigrated to the USA in the year 2008.

Their daughter was born around 2011, and their son was born shortly after their marriage in 2019.Tyler and his wife Quynh actually met at an Asian buffet restaurant in Wichita where She was an employee, and Tyler approached her by asking what was good on the menu and she said nothing then that’s where their relationship began.

Tyler Hoover Wedding

Tyler and his lovely wife held their wedding in 2019 in a lovely ceremony attended by both Quynh’s Vietnamese family and Tyler’s family and friends as well. The video production company that filmed their wedding has a very good promo of the Hoover wedding on their website.

Tyler Hoover Net Worth

Tyler has an estimated net worth of over $2 million as of 2023 form his Youtube career, He is the owner of Hoovies Garage.

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