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Ben Mankiewicz (TCM Host) Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Wife, Height, Salary

Ben Mankiewicz Biography and Wiki

Ben Mankiewicz is a well-known American TV personality, film critic, and also political commentator. Ben is a host on Turner Classic Movies and has been a commentator on The Young Turks and What the Flick?!

When Ben stepped onto the stage of TCM in September 2003, he not only marked his debut but also became part of the network’s history as only the second host ever hired. Throughout his tenure at TCM, his soothing presence has introduced audiences to a multitude of movies, fostering a connection between viewers and the cinematic world.

Beyond his role as a host, Mankiewicz’s interviewing prowess has earned him a reputation as one of the industry’s finest conversationalists. He has skillfully engaged in in-depth, long-form discussions with over two hundred top talents in the entertainment field. From the legendary Mel Brooks to the iconic Bruce Springsteen, and from the timeless Sophia Loren to the visionary Martin Scorsese, Mankiewicz has woven insightful conversations that offer viewers a glimpse into the minds of these luminaries.

In a groundbreaking move, Mankiewicz ventured into the realm of podcasts in April 2020 with TCM’s inaugural podcast, “The Plot Thickens: I’m Still Peter Bogdanovich.” This podcast, which delved into the life and journey of Peter Bogdanovich, received rave reviews for its gripping storytelling.

His reach extends beyond TCM, as he contributes to the esteemed news magazine CBS News Sunday Morning, where his insights and commentary add depth to the program’s content. Since 2018, he has been at the helm of the American Society of Cinematographers Awards, orchestrating the celebration of cinematic excellence.

Recognition has not eluded Mankiewicz, with the Los Angeles Press Club honoring him with the Luminary Award for Career Achievement in 2019. This accolade attests to his impactful presence in the world of journalism and entertainment.

Mankiewicz’s journey has taken him from the realms of reporting and anchoring in Charleston, SC, and Miami, FL, where he secured the title of Best Anchor in South Florida twice. His influence even extends to the realm of online political shows, with his co-founding of The Young Turks alongside Cenk Uygur in 2002.

Drawing a striking parallel, Mankiewicz’s move to Los Angeles echoed that of his grandfather, Herman Mankiewicz, a screenwriter who journeyed west to join the film industry decades before. The legacy of his grandfather’s words, “There are millions to be grabbed out here and your only competition is idiots,” lingers as a testament to the allure of the movie world. With humility and pride, Mankiewicz steps into that legacy as a proud torchbearer.

Educationally, Mankiewicz’s path has been enriched by his studies at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, Tufts University, and Georgetown Day High School in Washington, DC. It’s worth noting that the latter institution claims the unique distinction of having the Grasshoppers as their mascot, perhaps a testament to the extraordinary and unexpected paths that life can take.

Ben Mankiewicz Age

Ben is 56 years old as of 2023, He was born on March 25, 1967, in Washington D.C.

Ben Mankiewicz Height

Ben stands at a tall height of 5 feet 10 inches (1.78m) with a moderate weight of 67KG (147lbs).

Ben Mankiewicz Family

Benjamin Frederick “Ben” Mankiewicz was born in Washington, D.C., on March 25, 1967, to Holly and Frank Mankiewicz. He comes from a family of well-known screenwriters who are regarded as Hollywood royalty.

His father, who served in the Battle of the Bulge during WWII, went into politics after the war, becoming the press secretary to Senator Robert F. Kennedy and the presidential campaign manager for Senator George S. McGovern.

Ben Mankiewicz Grandfather

His grandfather, who had grown wary of his own profession by then, readily supported his father’s decision to become a politician. As a result, Ben grew up in a political environment, away from Hollywood.

Ben Mankiewicz Wife | Lee Russo

Ben is married to his lovely wife Lee Russo, According to Ben, his wife Lee is an architecture buff. The lovebirds got married on the TCM cruise on 12 December 2013. They have been married for six years and are cherishing their togetherness with the presence of their bundle of joy. Ben and Lee are parents to a cute daughter named Josie.

Ben Mankiewicz Salary

Ben probably receives an annual salary of over $60,000 from his successful career as a TV personality and TCM host. She is believed to have an estimated net worth of $1 million as of 2023 all from his successful career as a TV personality and TCM host.

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