Steve Janowitz (Joy Behar’s husband) Biography, Wiki, Age, Wife, Net Worth

Steve Janowitz Biography and Wiki

Steve Janowitz is an American retired high school teacher. He gained media attention when he started dating actress, comedian, and writer Joy Behar. She is also the co-host of The View talk show where she is the only original panelist still regularly appearing. 

Steve Janowitz Age

Janowitz is 80 years old as of 2022, he was born on December 1, 1942, in New York, USA. He celebrates her birthday on the 1st of December every year.

Steve Janowitz Height

Janowitz stands at an average height of 5 feet 10 inches with a moderate weight of 69 Kg.

Steve Janowitz Family and Parents

Janowitz was born and brought up in the USA by his loving parents. However, he has not disclosed any further information on his family or his siblings.

Steve Janowitz Net Worth

Janowitz has an estimated net worth of $1 million as of 2023 form his career and being the husband of Joy Behar.

Steve Janowitz Wife | Joy Behar

Janowitz is married to his loving wife Joy Behar. In their marriage, Janowitz and his wife have no children together although Behar has a daughter named Eve from her previous marriage.

Steve Janowitz

Steve Janowitz and his wife Joy

Joy was initially married tо а соllеgе рrоfеѕѕоr nаmеd Јоѕерh Веhаr frоm the уеаr 1965 tо 1981, but their dіvоrсе wаѕ fіnаlіzеd. Еvе gаvе birth tо hеr ѕоn nаmеd Luса and Joy became a grandmother. Janowitz and his wife held their wedding in August 2011, in a private ceremony attended by their family and friends.

Back in 2009, during an episode of the popular talk show “The View,” she dropped the unexpected news that she and her longtime partner Steve had tentative plans to tie the knot.

Yet, these plans eventually took an unforeseen turn, leading to the engagement’s cancellation. The reason behind this twist in their relationship was Joy’s impending commitment to her HLN show, which demanded her full attention.

In the midst of this intriguing chapter, something even more captivating emerged – the 29-year wait that preceded their marriage. People were both intrigued and curious about what might have caused such a prolonged delay.

It was during an interview with People Magazine on November 7, 2011, that Joy chose to unravel the enigma. She candidly shared that the wedding bells wouldn’t ring until Steve’s parents took their final bows from the stage of life. Her rationale behind this condition stemmed from her desire to keep her life free from in-law dynamics.

Joy’s reasons, however, extended beyond her personal preferences. She unveiled a deeper layer to her postponement when she expressed her hope for gay marriage to be legally recognized in New York City. It was an advocacy she felt strongly about, and she wanted to see it achieved before she walked down the aisle once again.

Now in their 70s, Joy and Steve stand as a testament to enduring love and mutual understanding. Their relationship, which finally culminated in marriage, showcases the power of patience and shared values.

Joy had previously embarked on marital bliss when she married her first husband, Joseph Behar, in 1965. Their journey together spanned over a decade, but eventually, their paths diverged, leading to their separation in 1981 and later, a formal divorce.


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