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Nikita Sachdev

Nikita Sachdev Biography

Nikita Sachdev is an Indian American entrepreneur, investor, model, and CEO of Dubai-based PR and marketing agency Luna PR. She recently joined the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Sachdev Luna PR,

Nikita’s agency, Luna PR, is not just a service provider; it’s a hub of comprehensive expertise that radiates across a diverse spectrum. Imagine it as a multifaceted gem, each facet reflecting a distinct and valuable service vertical. Luna PR stands as a luminous jewel with five radiant areas of focus, illuminating various dimensions of the business landscape.

Luna PR’s brilliance shines across a panorama of five key domains. It encompasses full-stack public relations services, where its mastery in communication and relationship-building takes center stage. Navigating the intricate terrain of marketing is another facet, where Luna PR’s strategic insights and creativity converge to illuminate brands and captivate audiences.

The agency’s capacity to establish solid investor relations is akin to a facet that gleams with trust and transparency. As an advisory beacon, Luna PR offers sage guidance that illuminates pathways forward, helping clients navigate complex decisions with clarity and confidence.

What’s notable is that this agency doesn’t just dip in and out of projects; it operates on a retainer basis, forging a steady and lasting partnership with each client it takes under its wing.

Now, Nikita’s journey to where she is today is fascinatingly varied. Before she delved into the world of investment and entrepreneurship, she was a model and actress, embodying different roles with her talents.

Nikita Sachdev Model

These roles, however, weren’t just about glamour and light; they held a practical purpose. Nikita used her commercial modeling gigs to tackle the reality of university student loans, displaying a savvy approach to her finances that foreshadowed her future path.

Not content with just being in front of the camera, Sachdev took her ambition a step further. She co-founded Luna Management, a modeling agency that quickly soared to success, thanks to her sharp instincts and hard work. But her story doesn’t stop there. The world of crypto beckoned her, and she stepped in with characteristic curiosity.

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Crypto and Blockchain

Crypto companies recognized the energy and insight Sachdev brought to the table. They saw a perfect partner in her to demystify their complex business landscapes through explanatory videos. As Sachdev delved deeper into these videos, she found herself drawn into the intricate world of crypto and blockchain. This newfound understanding acted as the catalyst for her next venture.

In 2020, Luna PR was born, a reflection of Nikita’s journey and accumulated knowledge. It was more than just a company; it was a bridge connecting her past roles, her growing fascination with crypto, and her innate ability to navigate complex waters.

Luna PR became the vessel through which Nikita’s dynamic expertise could serve others, offering not just a suite of services, but a thoughtful and comprehensive approach to the diverse challenges her clients faced.

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