Ella Purnell

Is Ella Purnell Married? Facts and Net Worth

Who is Ella Purnell?

Ella Purnell is a rising British actress, particularly known for her roles in films and television series. Here’s a glimpse into her background:

  • Born in London in 1996, Purnell started her career young, appearing in a West End production of the musical “Oliver!” at the age of 12.
  • She transitioned to film with roles in movies like “Never Let Me Go” (2010) and “Intruders” (2011).
  • Her breakthrough came in 2014 when she played the young Maleficent in Disney’s live-action reimagining of the classic tale.
  • Purnell has a knack for captivating audiences in fantastical worlds. She played the lead role of Emma Bloom in Tim Burton’s “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children” (2016), a film based on a popular young adult novel.
  • However, she’s also shown her versatility with roles in historical dramas like “Churchill” (2017) and action-packed films like Zack Snyder’s “Army of the Dead” (2021).
  • Recently, Purnell has been venturing into television. She played a central character in the critically acclaimed mystery series “Yellowjackets” (2021-2023), showcasing her dramatic skills.
  • She’s also stepped into the world of voice acting, giving life to characters like Jinx in the animated series “Arcane” (2021-present) and Gwyndala in “Star Trek: Prodigy” (2021-present).
  • Ella most recently Starred in Fallout, a drama series by Amazon Prime Video as Lucy McLain.

Who is She Married To?

According to reliable sources like Elle.com, Ella is Not yet married but she is in a relationship with her boyfriend Max Bennett Kelly who is a musician.

Her Net Worth

The exact figures for Ella Purnell’s net worth aren’t publicly available. However, Celebrity Net Worth estimates it to be around $3 million [Celebrity Net Worth].

This is likely an approximation based on her acting career in films and television. It’s important to remember that celebrity net worth can be difficult to track precisely as it considers factors like salary per project, brand deals, endorsements, and other income streams.

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