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Ella Whelan Biography

Ella Whelan is an English freelance writer, and public speaker well known for her defense of freedom for women and free speech. Ella often clashes with mainstream journalists across major media networks.

Ella started her career as an Office Manager at the East London School of Science. In 2015, she joined ‘Spike,’ an online political magazine that advocates for freedom of speech. This marked the beginning of her writing journey. Her talent was quickly acknowledged, leading to a promotion as assistant editor.

During the years 2015 to 2018, Ella also hosted the ‘Spiked’ podcast. Additionally, she held the position of deputy editor for ‘Spiked Review,’ a monthly magazine focusing on arts and literature. Over time, Ella became a familiar face on television, appearing on shows like Sky News, Channel 4 News, and Good Morning Britain, discussing topics related to women in today’s world.

Ella is a regular contributor to various publications, including The Sun, The Daily Mail, Conscience, Spectator, International Business Times, and Grazia. She is also involved in producing the annual ‘The Battle of Ideas Festival,’ which has been running for 15 years as of 2019. This festival promotes open discussions and constructive debates among individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Ella Whelan

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In 2017, Ella achieved great success with the release of her bestselling book titled “What Women Want: Fun, Freedom, and an End to Feminism.” She wrote this book because she believes that feminism often overlooks the question of what women truly desire.

Ella Whelan Age

Ella is quite private when it comes to sharing details about her personal life, including her age, birthday, and exact date of birth. This deliberate secrecy adds an air of mystery and makes it challenging for the public to determine her precise age.

By keeping this information undisclosed, Ella maintains a sense of privacy and keeps the focus on her work and accomplishments rather than her personal life. Her decision to keep her age a mystery adds to her enigmatic persona and allows her audience to appreciate her talents and contributions without any preconceived notions or biases based on her age.

Ella Whelan Height

Ella stands at an average height of 5 feet 8 inches (1.72m) with a moderate weight. Details regarding her actual weight and other body measurements are currently not publicly available.

Ella Whelan Family and Father

Ella was brought up in Inner-London in an Irish working-class family. Her father is Bernadette Whelan, who is a Debating Matters Co-ordinator. They often work together. She has a Master’s degree in English Literature (class of 2014) from the University of Sussex. It was while studying there that she began to write about feminism.

Ella Whelan Husband

Ella is married to her husband whom she has not disclosed any information about. They got married in July 2019 and now live together in London. The night before her wedding, Ella and her father got stuck in the lift on their estate for two hours and had to be rescued by the London Fire Service.


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