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Sue Palka (FOX 5) Biography, Age, Wiki, Family, Husband and Daughter

Sue Palka Biography

Sue Palka is an American news journalist who currently works as the Chief Meteorologist at Fox 5 DC, Palka is known for her small part in the 1989 movie The War of the Roses.

Sue’s impressive career in broadcast journalism took off in 1985 when she joined Fox 5. Prior to that, she had gained valuable experience during her time at WTVR in Richmond. Sue’s dedication and expertise in weather forecasting have been widely recognized, as evidenced by her remarkable achievement of winning the prestigious Emmy Award six times for her outstanding contributions to the field.

Throughout her illustrious career, Sue has covered a wide range of captivating stories, showcasing her versatility as a journalist. From reporting on seismic activities during earthquakes to capturing the awe-inspiring power of volcanoes, Sue has fearlessly delved into the heart of natural phenomena, bringing these incredible events to viewers around the world.

She has even witnessed and reported on the mesmerizing eclipse of the sun in Curacao, showcasing her ability to capture rare and breathtaking moments.

Sue’s commitment to delivering comprehensive and engaging weather coverage extends beyond the confines of the studio. She has gone above and beyond, venturing high above the ground in a Hurricane Hunter’s aircraft to provide firsthand accounts of these intense meteorological events. This level of dedication and willingness to be at the forefront of the action sets Sue apart as a trusted and admired weather journalist.

Sue Palka

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In addition to her expertise in weather reporting, Sue has also covered a diverse range of non-weather-related stories. From the grandeur of the Presidential Lighting of the National Christmas Tree to the joy of interacting with trick-or-treaters at her own house on Halloween, Sue has showcased her ability to capture the spirit of various occasions and connect with audiences on a personal level.

Even in moments of personal achievement, Sue remains dedicated to her craft. When she won her Emmy Award in 1997, she was not present at the gala to receive the honor. Instead, she was out in the field chasing tornadoes in Oklahoma, highlighting her unwavering commitment to bringing important weather-related news to the public.

Sue Palka Age | How Old Is Sue Palka?

Sue has chosen not to disclose information about her age, birthday, or date of birth. This decision reflects her commitment to maintaining a boundary between her public and personal life.

Sue Palka Height

Sue stands at an average height of 5 feet 8 inches (1.72m) with a moderate weight. Details regarding her actual weight and other body measurements are currently not publicly available.

Sue Palka Family

Sue was brought up in Erie, Pennsylvania & she often visited Washington D.C. as a child since her Aunt and Uncle lived nearby. Back then, she used to laugh at stories of school closings for two inches of snow, but now she is the one forecasting those closures.

Sue Palka Education

She grew up in a home with her teacher’s parents and went to Edinboro State College to pursue a teaching degree. That teaching-acting combination would become important when Sue took her first TV audition at the NBC station in Erie.

Sue Palka Husband and Daughter

Sue and her husband Joe have been married for close to four decades. Joe still works on the radio, and although these careers often lend themselves to travel-oriented lifestyles, they have mostly remained in Washington. The couple went on to have two daughters Elder Liz Palka and the younger Nora (born in 1989). Liz got married in 2016 and had a baby in 2017.


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