Michael Hobbes

Michael Hobbes (Huff Post) Bio, Wiki, Age, Wife, Net Worth, Podcast

Michael Hobbes Biography

Michael Hobbes is a famous American journalist, television host, and reporter. He formerly worked as a reporter for HuffPost and is the co-host of the famous podcast, “Maintenance Phase” alongside Aubrey Gordon.

Hobbes, a prominent figure in the world of journalism, made his mark during his tenure at The Huffington Post, a period that spanned from April 18, 2018, to 2021 when he left. His contributions at the Huff Post were multifaceted, encompassing coverage of economic matters and the crafting of investigative features for Highline, the platform’s long-form content site.

During his time at The Huffington Post, one of Hobbes’s articles, “Generation Screwed,” earned a well-deserved nomination for a National Magazine Award. This recognition underscored his talent and dedication to producing impactful and insightful pieces that resonated with readers.

Hobbes’s influence extended beyond the realm of traditional journalism. He, alongside Sarah Marshall, embarked on the creation of a podcast that would become widely acclaimed: “You’re Wrong About.” The podcast, launched in May 2018, gained prominence for its exploration of American history and pop culture from a fresh and often misunderstood perspective.

As a co-host, Hobbes, along with Sarah Marshall, delved into a diverse range of media events and topics, unraveling the layers of misunderstanding that often shroud them. The podcast, marked by its engaging and informative style, served as a platform for the duo to challenge prevailing narratives and offer a deeper understanding of pivotal moments in history and pop culture.

While Hobbes’s tenure at The Huffington Post showcased his prowess in print journalism, “You’re Wrong About” provided a dynamic and captivating space for him to engage with audiences through an auditory medium. His contributions to both traditional and modern forms of journalism underscored his commitment to delivering well-researched, thought-provoking, and accessible content.

Michael Hobbes Age

Hobbes has not disclosed any information on his age and date of birth.

Michael Hobbes Family

Hobbes was born and brought up in the USA by his loving parents. However, he has not disclosed any further information on his family or his siblings.

He studied at Aarhus University where he attained a master’s degree in European studies. In addition, he also holds a Master’s degree in political and Legal Theory from University College London and a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and psychology from Western Washington University.

Michael Hobbes’s Wife

Hobbes has not disclosed any information on his marital status and relationships. It is not known whether he is married or in a relationship right now. His wife and spouse will soon be updated.

Michael Hobbes’s Net Worth

Hobbes has an estimated net worth of $100,000-$500,000 as of 2023.

Michael Hobbes Podcast

You can also view his podcasts via Podchaser.