Lexi Martone

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 Lexi Martone Biography

Lexi Martone is an American nail artist who has made the headlines for being a member of the Long Island family which has been featured on the reality TV series “Unpolished”.

Lexi’s journey into the world of nail artistry took an interesting turn after she explored fashion design and realized it wasn’t her true passion. Her fascination with nail blogs ignited her creativity, leading her to delve into nail artistry. Lexi’s unique talent in 3D nail art gained her widespread recognition, drawing in a growing clientele, including tourists and celebrities, to the salon she co-owns with her sister, Bria.

Among her notable clients is Katie Holmes, and she has also worked her nail art magic on celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Jada Pinkett Smith. Lexi’s schedule is quite demanding, with only three to four clients a day, often booked one to two months ahead. The excitement generated by the show’s trailers has further extended her bookings, with appointments now secured up to February.

In addition to her nail artistry, Lexi has a talent for baking and showcased her skills on the Food Network’s ‘Bakers vs. Fakers.’ This led to an exciting opportunity as the ‘Cupcake Witch’ on Buddy Valastro’s YouTube channel. Lexi’s culinary prowess also landed her a spot on the Food Network’s ‘Christmas Cookie Challenge.’

Lexi Martone Age

Martone is 31 years old as of 2023, she was born on 14 December 1992, in New York, United States. Ms. Lexi celebrates her birthday on 14 December every year.

Lexi Martone Family

Lexi is a member of the Long Island Family featured on the reality television series “Unpolished.’ The Martones are a fun-loving Italian family from Long Island. She is the daughter of Jennifer and Mike. Her mom, Jennifer, works at their salon at the front desk and Foxy Grandma, their grandmother, works as a hairstylist at the salon.


Bria and Lexi Martone are the daughters of Jennifer Martone and her husband Big Mike Martone. Together with their daughters, they run the Salon Martone and they are all cast in the TLC’s reality television show Unpolished.

Lexi Martone Boyfriend

Lexi is in a relationship with Joe Fraumeni of Long Island. Although they have been dating for quite some time, they have managed to keep their relationship affairs to themselves.

Lexi Martone Sister Bria Martone

Martone has a sister named Bria Martone, who is a hair and makeup artist. She co-owns a salon with her sister.

Lexi Martone’s Net Worth

Lexi has an estimated net worth of about $1 million, She is famous for being a member of the Long Island family which has been featured on the reality TV series “Unpolished”.

Lexi Martone Weight Loss Surgery

In an episode of ‘Unpolished,’ Lexi embarked on a transformative journey, opting for reconstructive surgery. Struggling with weight-related insecurities for some time, she took control of her life. Lexi committed herself to a rigorous fitness routine and a strict diet, resulting in significant weight loss.

She candidly shared on the show how shedding those extra pounds boosted her self-confidence, marking a remarkable change in her life. To complete her personal transformation, Lexi resolved to undergo reconstructive surgery.

After careful consideration, Lexi decided that the time was right to pursue the surgery. Coincidentally, she received exciting news about being chosen as the featured nail artist for a new nail polish launch.

In front of the camera, Lexi admitted that, in the past, public appearances had been a source of stress and judgment due to her weight. But her weight loss journey had transformed her perspective, empowering her to stand confidently at events.

However, while Lexi was determined to proceed with the surgery, her family expressed concerns about potential complications. Both her mother and father worried about the procedure and its potential risks.

Adding to the complexity of her life, Lexi’s relationship with her sister Bria had been strained since the involvement of Matt. Matt and Bria had an on-and-off relationship, lasting nearly eight years, which Lexi found challenging. She firmly believed that Matt wasn’t the right match for her sister, leading to disagreements between them.

As the surgery date approached, Bria remained supportive, but Lexi couldn’t help feeling uneasy about the impending procedure.


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