Kim Carton

Kim Carton (Craig Carton’s Ex Wife) Bio, Age, Wiki, Net Worth

Kim Carton Biography

Kim Carton is a notable American entrepreneur and American Internet Personality, who gained recognition as the former wife of Craig Carton, a sports radio talk star and social media personality.

Craig Carton gained fame hosting the sports radio show “Boomer and Carton.” However, his notoriety escalated due to an alleged Ponzi-like ticket-selling scheme, purportedly swindling over $5 million from investors. Kim’s association with Craig tied her to the scandal.

Together, Craig and Kim founded the “Tic Toc Stop” Foundation, focused on aiding children afflicted by Tourette syndrome. Craig, personally impacted by the disorder, championed the cause to support others facing similar challenges.

In September 2013, Kim partnered with Jackie Brookstein to establish Valley, a clothing store paying homage to their shared hometown, Huntingdon Valley. Their collaboration stemmed from Kim’s displacement during Hurricane Sandy in 2012, prompting the decision to create the business. Since Valley’s inception, Tribeca has witnessed notable growth, attracting additional restaurants and malls to the area.

Kim Carton Age

At 48 years old as of 2023, Kim was born in 1975 in Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania, although specific birth details are not publicly disclosed.

Kim Carton Husband | Kids

Kim was previously married to Craig Carton, with whom she shares four children: Sonny, Mickey, Lucky, and Anthony Carton.

Kim Carton Family

Hailing from Pennsylvania, she spent her formative years nurtured by her parents, although specific details about her family and upbringing have been kept private or undisclosed from public knowledge.

Kim Carton’s Height

She boasts an approximate height of 5 feet 6 inches and maintains a weight of about 55 kilograms.

Kim Carton’s Net Worth

Kim Carton, with an estimated net worth of $4 million, has accumulated wealth primarily through her flourishing journey as an entrepreneur and influential figure in the realm of the internet. Her success encompasses various ventures and engagements, contributing significantly to her financial stature.


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