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Kathleen Bade (FOX News) Biography, Wiki, Age, Parents, Husband and Kids

Kathleen Bade Biography

Kathleen Bade is an American award-winning news anchor who is famous for anchoring at primetime for Fox 5 News at 6 & 10 since the station’s launch in 2008.

Since the launch of Fox 5 News at 6 & 10 in 2008, Kathleen has been at the helm as the primetime anchor, delivering the latest news to the San Diego community. With an impressive tenure of 13 years, she has become a respected and influential figure in the local news market. Kathleen’s anchoring skills have made the newscast the go-to choice for viewers, consistently ranking as the number one source for news.

Throughout her career, Kathleen has covered a multitude of significant news stories and events, from the momentous opening of Petco Park to leading the station’s comprehensive election coverage. Her expertise extends beyond daily news as she has also hosted news specials that delve into high-profile court cases, providing in-depth analysis and insight to her audience.

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Kathleen’s dedication and talent in journalism have not gone unnoticed, as she has been the recipient of multiple Emmy Awards, highlighting her exceptional contributions to the field. Moreover, her commitment to advocating for the welfare of children has garnered recognition and praise.

Kathleen Bade

Kathleen Bade Photo

One of the standout moments in Kathleen’s career came when she had the privilege of conducting a one-on-one interview with none other than Walter Cronkite himself. This remarkable accomplishment is a cherished memory for Kathleen, as she was acknowledged by the broadcasting legend for her achievements in academics. The conversation between Kathleen and Walter also touched upon the fascinating anecdote he shared about a discussion he had with broadcast titan Ted Turner.

Walter Cronkite humorously admitted to his initial skepticism about the potential success of CNN, stating, “I told Ted CNN would never work.” His admission brought about a chuckle, but he also cautioned about the pitfalls of 24-hour news, emphasizing the distinction between manufacturing news and genuine reporting.

In 2004, Kathleen returned to her alma mater, the Sun Devil campus of Arizona State University, where she was honored with induction into the ASU Broadcasting Hall of Fame. This recognition further solidified her reputation as a distinguished journalist and marked a proud moment in her career.

Kathleen Bade Age

Kathleen, a native of the United States, has kept certain personal details closely guarded, including her age, date of birth, and birthday. While this information has not been publicly disclosed, rest assured that any relevant updates will be provided as they become available.

Maintaining a level of privacy regarding personal details is a choice made by many individuals in the public eye. This allows Kathleen to focus on her professional endeavors and the impact she makes through her work as a news anchor.

Kathleen Bade Family and Parents

She grew up on her Dad’s construction sites. Her dad built commercial, as well as, residential properties. Due to this, she always loved designing and decorating since she was a child. Throughout her childhood, she used to dance Ballet.

She began her broadcast career at Arizona State University. Here she graduated with honors from the prestigious Walter Cronkite School of Telecommunications and Journalism. She was the first student in college history to earn the coveted William Randolph Hearst Award in San Francisco.

Kathleen Bade Husband

Ms. Kathleen’s personal life has brought her joy and fulfillment. On the memorable date of December 31, 1994, she entered into a beautiful union of marriage with her loving and handsome partner.

Recently, she joyously celebrated her 24th wedding anniversary, a significant milestone that marked the enduring bond between her and her husband. To commemorate this special occasion, the couple chose to create lasting memories by indulging in a delightful celebration at the enchanting Hotel del Coronado on the picturesque Coronado Island.

Over the years, their love has blossomed, and together they have nurtured a wonderful family. Kathleen and her husband are proud parents to a grown-up son, who is now embarking on his own unique journey in life.

In addition, they have a daughter who is currently attending college, pursuing her dreams and aspirations. Witnessing their children’s growth and accomplishments fills Kathleen and her husband with a sense of pride and fulfillment. As for their residence, Kathleen and her family currently call Pasadena, California, their home.


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