Carter Conlon

Carter Conlon (Pastor) Bio, Age, Wife, Times Square Church, Net Worth

Carter Conlon Biography

Carter Conlon is an American preacher and novelist who was born in Canada. He is best recognized as the outgoing head pastor of New York City’s Times Square Church.

Conlon served as the esteemed lead pastor of Times Square Church, a prominent spiritual beacon nestled in the heart of New York City. The church’s physical address is 237 West 51st Street in the bustling borough of Manhattan. It stands as a testament to unity, drawing a diverse congregation of over ten thousand members hailing from more than one hundred countries.

At its core, Times Square Church embraces a multi-denominational approach, reflecting the rich tapestry of faith traditions that make up its vibrant community. However, its mission transcends denominational boundaries, focusing on a shared commitment to serving the marginalized and vulnerable.

The church’s mission statement revolves around compassion and outreach. It’s driven by an unwavering dedication to alleviating the suffering of the poor, hungry, impoverished, and those struggling with addiction. This commitment aligns with their deeply held belief that God ordained the church to be a living testament to His boundless love and unyielding charity.

In February 2020, Carter made a significant announcement that reverberated throughout the congregation and beyond. He revealed his intention to step down from his role as Senior Pastor of Times Square Church in May. This transition allowed him to redirect his energies toward a broader spectrum of ministry endeavors.

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One of Conlon’s primary areas of focus post-pastorate is his radio ministry, where his voice continues to resonate with audiences seeking spiritual guidance and solace. Additionally, he engages in speaking engagements that enable him to share his wisdom and insights with diverse audiences. Furthermore, Conlon pursues his passion for writing, and authoring books that explore faith, spirituality, and the human journey.

Carter Conlon’s decision to transition from his role as Senior Pastor symbolizes not an end but a new beginning. It underscores his dedication to serving a broader community, both locally and globally, while carrying forward the enduring mission of Times Square Church.

Carter Conlon Age

Conlon is about 63 years old. He was born in 1953. It is Not Known When Carter celebrates his birthday.

Carter Conlon Family

Conlon was born and brought up in the USA by his loving parents. However, he has not disclosed any further information on his family or his siblings. He graduated from Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario with a bachelor’s degree in law and sociology.

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Carter Conlon Wife

Conlon is married to his lovely wife Teresa Colon. She is the Director of the Bible School at Times Square Church. oversees women’s ministries and regularly preaches at Times Square Church. In their marriage, Carter and his wife have been blessed with three wonderful children and eight grandchildren.

Carter Conlon Sermons and Ministry

Carter worked as a police officer for 12 years before the church. After leaving his job in 1987, he became a full-time preacher. In Riceville, Canada, Conlon established a church, a Christian school, and a food bank. Nonetheless, he also owned and ran a sheep farm.

Carter Conlon Radio 

It’s Time to Pray, Conlon’s 1-minute daily devotionals, are carried on over 300 Christian radio stations nationally five days a week. They call the nation to prayer and are broadcast on 1010 WINS, the country’s most-listened-to all-news station.

Carter Conlon For Pastors Only

In 2010, Conlon founded “For Pastors Only.” This was in response to several requests for spiritual fathering from the clergy. This online resource, which is presently viewed by over 5,000 pastors worldwide, broadcasts bi-weekly devotionals recorded by Conlon and an advisory committee.

Carter Conlon’s Net Worth

Conlon has an estimated net worth of $500k as of 2023.

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