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Alex R. Hibbert is an American actor best known for portraying Kelvin Williams in the ongoing TV show The Chi (2018-2023). Likewise, he has been featured in films such as Moonlight (2016), and Black Panther (2018). 

Alex’s journey in the world of acting commenced with his notable role in the 2016 film “Moonlight.” In this critically acclaimed movie, he portrayed the character of Little, embodying the youngest version of Chiron. His performance in “Moonlight” was both captivating and poignant, earning him recognition for his talent and dedication.

In this cinematic masterpiece, Alex shared the screen with a talented ensemble cast, weaving a narrative of identity, self-discovery, and resilience. His portrayal added depth and authenticity to a character whose journey resonated with audiences worldwide.

“Moonlight” served as the launchpad for Alex’s acting career, setting the stage for what would surely be a promising and impactful journey in the world of film and storytelling. His debut performance was a testament to his potential as an actor, leaving audiences eagerly anticipating his future roles and contributions to the world of cinema.

Trevante Rhodes, André Holland, Janelle Monáe, Ashton Sanders, Jharrel Jerome, and Naomie Harris among others. He also starred in Black Panther as a Young Oakland Kid.

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Alex R. Hibbert Age

Hibbert is 19 years old as of 2023, he was born on July 4, 2004, in New York City, NY, in the United States. He celebrates his birthday on July 4th every year.

Alex R. Hibbert Height

Hibbert is characterized by an average height, standing proudly at 5 feet 5 inches (1.65 m). With a moderate weight of 52 kg (114 pounds), this balanced stature reflects a healthy and well-proportioned physique.

Alex R. Hibbert Parents

Hibbert’s mother, Donna Wellington, who clearly had a big influence on him, helps to clarify his familial tree. Moreover, he also has a sister named Robin, who is most likely descended from his father. However, exact information regarding his father is still missing, thus there is still a mystery surrounding his family that needs to be solved.

Alex R. Hibbert Girlfriend

Hibbert’s personal life remains a mystery, especially when it comes to matters of the heart. He has chosen to keep his relationship status a well-guarded secret, leaving us in the dark about whether he has a girlfriend or is in any relationship. The pages of his romantic story are yet to be written, and we eagerly await any updates that may come our way in the future. Love, it seems, is a chapter in his life that he prefers to keep private for now.

Alex R. Hibbert Net Worth

Hibbert is believed to have an estimated net worth of $5 million as of 2023 from his successful career as an actor.

Alex R. Hibbert The Chi

Hibbert’s talent shone brightly in the Showtime series “THE CHI,” where he played the character Kevin Williams. In this compelling drama, he brought Kevin, who is Kiesha Williams’ younger brother and Nina Williams’ son, to life.

Created by Lena Waithe and executive produced by Common and Elwood Reid, “The Chi” offered an unfiltered look at life in Chicago’s Southside community. With director Rick Famuyiwa at the helm, the series delved into the complexities of this neighborhood, portraying both challenges and moments of resilience in a powerful narrative.

Alex’s portrayal of Kevin Williams added authenticity and emotional depth to the show. It explored the lives, struggles, and triumphs of its characters within the dynamic backdrop of Southside Chicago. His role in this series significantly expanded his acting portfolio, cementing his presence in the world of television storytelling.

Movies and TV Shows

  • Moonlight
  • The Chi
  • Black Panther

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