What Do We Mean By Gacha Game?

A Gacha Game is a type of video game that uses the toy vending machine mechanism. Gacha games, like loot boxes, entice players to spend in-game cash in exchange for a random virtual object.

The in-game cash may be earned via gaming or purchased from the game publisher using real-world money. The majority of these games are free-to-play (F2P) mobile games, with the cache acting as an incentive to spend real-world money.

The 10 Best Gacha Games To Get You Addicted
What is a Gacha Game

Gacha has been acclaimed by game creators as an excellent free-to-play revenue approach. For optimum revenue possibilities, most developers who deal solely with free-to-play games advocate including it into the game from the outset.

What makes gacha so appealing to so many players has been questioned. Some argue that gacha games capitalize on people’s natural hunter-gatherer instincts, as well as their drive to complete a set. Others feel it is merely the pleasure of gambling that keeps gamers coming back time and time again.


Where Did the Gacha Game Concept Come From?

In the early 2010s, the gacha gaming format became popular, notably in Japan. It is used in the majority of the highest-grossing mobile games in Japan, and it has become a vital component of Japanese mobile gaming culture.

The gaming mechanic is also being employed more frequently in Chinese and Korean games, as well as Western games. Gacha games, despite their popularity, have been criticized for being addictive and are sometimes likened to gambling owing to the motivation to spend real-world money on chance-based prizes.

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The 8 Types of Gacha

1. Box Gacha

Box gacha is a virtual box containing pre-determined objects with known probability. Its popularity surged at the same time that the entire gacha scandal became known. The chance of acquiring the desired item improves as things are withdrawn from the box since there are less objects in the box.

If the player is prepared to spend enough money, it is also feasible to pull every item in the box. As a result, some players may calculate the amount of money required to assure they pull the item of their choice.

2. Redraw Gacha

If the player receives a poor outcome, they can “re-roll” the gacha. This functionality is available for free in certain games. In games that give a free gacha roll at the start, players who are new to the game may try “re-rolling” by making fresh accounts until they acquire the desired rare item or starting results.

3. Copmlete Gacha

Complete Gacha was a popular monetization technique in Japanese mobile phone video games until it was declared unlawful by Japan’s Consumer Affairs Agency in 2012. Complete gacha rules require players to “complete” a collection of common things at random from a certain loot pool in order to combine them into a rarer item.

The first few things in a set can be obtained quickly, but as the number of missing items lowers, it becomes less probable that redeeming a loot box will complete the set. This is especially relevant if the game has a big number of common items, because eventually just one single, specialized item is necessary.

4. Trade Gacha

The trade gacha allows the user to exchange unwanted things for a fresh roll that will provide the player with a better item. Need for Speed Payback is an example of this mechanism.

5. Step-Up Gacha

With step-up gacha, the player’s chances of obtaining a rare item rise with each roll. This gacha is highly popular with high rollers since the stakes feel larger with each roll.

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6. Discounted Gacha

Discounted gacha generally involves the gaming business running special campaigns or events to allow customers to roll at a lesser fee.

7. Consecutive Gacha

When a player spends a lot of money, the odds of earning uncommon prizes increase. Rather of paying a predetermined sum for each rolls, a player can pay a bigger amount to roll multiple times in a succession for a little lower price. The player obtains all of the things at the conclusion of the roll.

8. Open Versus Closed Gacha

Gacha that displays (open) versus hides (closed) the precise odds of drawing uncommon items.

10 Of The Most Played Gacha Games 2022

1. Genshin Impact

2. Fire Emblem Heroes

3. Langrisser Mobile

4. Azur Lane

5. Pokémon Masters EX

6. Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

7. Marvel Strike Force

8. Dragon Ball Legends

9. Dragalia Lost

10. Raid: Shadow Legends

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