Tracy Butler (ABC7 meteorologist) Biography, Wiki, Age, Parents, Husband and Daughters

Tracy Butler Biography

Tracy Butler is an American meteorologist/reporter who hosts ”This Morning” for ABC 7 News, in Chicago. She also gives weather forecasts for ESPN 1000 Radio as well as a meteorologist for the station 11 am Newscast.

Since 1994, Tracy has established herself as a highly regarded meteorologist at ABC 7, where she has become a familiar face and voice to viewers across Chicago. Her dedication to delivering accurate weather forecasts and updates has made her an integral part of the ABC 7 News program “This Morning,” a role she has held since 1995. In addition to her morning duties, Tracy also provides weather reports for the station’s 11 AM newscast and shares her expertise with listeners on ESPN 1000 Radio.

Tracy’s involvement with ABC 7 extends beyond her meteorological responsibilities. She actively contributes to the station’s coverage of the annual Chicago Auto Show in February, providing insights and commentary on this exciting event. Furthermore, she participates in the Chicago Automobile Trade Association’s (CATA) annual golf outings, showcasing her passion for both the automotive industry and outdoor recreation.

Tracy Butler

Recognizing her shared interests with fellow soap fans, Tracy dedicates her time as a host of “Soap Chat” alongside Diane Pathieu. This engaging segment allows Tracy to delve into conversations about the beloved ABC Daytime show, General Hospital, creating a space for passionate fans to come together and share their thoughts.

Tracy’s commitment to supporting and nurturing young talent is evident through her Weather Sketcher’s Club initiative. Through this program, she encourages children to submit their weather-related drawings, offering them the opportunity to have their artwork potentially featured on ABC 7 News This Morning. By promoting the creativity and imagination of young minds, Tracy helps foster a sense of engagement and community among aspiring artists.

Tracy Butler Age

Tracy is assumed to be 35- 40 years old as of now. However, she hasn’t gone public about her exact age. She celebrates her birthday on March 20th every year and her zodiac sign is Pisces.

Tracy Butler Height

Butler has not shared her height with the public. Her height will be listed once we have it from a credible source. Furthermore, there is no valid information regarding her vital body measurements.

Tracy Butler Husband and Wedding

Butler is married to her loving and caring husband Michael. The two through a blind date organized by her cousin. At that time Butler was working with ABC 7 while Michael was owning a personal training studio. Her husband proposed to her in Duquesne Incline, Pittsburg, and got married in 1992.

Butler and her husband are blessed with two daughters, Crystina and Cassandra. Her daughters participate in sports like tennis and golf. She loves to golf and often participates in charity golf outings.

In addition, she also emcees the annual MS Walk for Charity and the Les Turner ALS Walk for Life. In addition to emceeing events for numerous charities, she is involved with the organization, ReClaim 13, a charity devoted to ending the sexual exploitation of children, and bringing awareness to human trafficking.

Tracy Butler Golf

In a heartfelt tribute to the late ABC 7 cameraman, Michael Dukewich, Tracy, alongside co-director Scott Woodruff, embarked on a special endeavor in 2013. Together, they initiated a remarkable golf outing known as The Duke Classic, aimed at honoring Dukewich’s memory and celebrating his impactful contributions.

The primary purpose of The Duke Classic extended beyond a simple golf event. Tracy and Scott saw it as an opportunity to make a meaningful difference in the community by supporting worthy causes. The outing became a platform to raise funds and awareness for two important organizations: the Greater Chicago Food Depository and the Wounded Warrior Project.

Through their passionate efforts and the support of participants and sponsors, The Duke Classic successfully generated nearly $100,000 in donations. This remarkable sum of money contributed directly to the invaluable work of the Greater Chicago Food Depository, helping to combat hunger and provide assistance to those in need. Additionally, the funds raised benefited the Wounded Warrior Project, an organization dedicated to supporting and empowering injured veterans.

Tracy, Scott, and the entire community that rallied behind The Duke Classic demonstrated their collective compassion and commitment to making a positive impact. By honoring the memory of a beloved colleague and channeling their shared love for golf, they transformed a simple event into a remarkable endeavor that touched the lives of many.

Tracy Butler Awards and Recognition

Butler is a distinguished member of both the National Weather Association and the American Meteorological Society, showcasing her expertise and dedication to her field. Her contributions have not gone unnoticed, as she has received accolades and recognition for her outstanding achievements.

In acknowledgment of her exceptional accomplishments and contributions to the community, Butler was honored with the esteemed title of “Woman of the Year” by the Executive Women’s Golf Association. This recognition highlights her leadership and influence in her profession, as well as her commitment to empowering women in various fields.

The Illinois Treasurer’s Public Service Award further showcases Butler’s commitment to public service and her impact on the community. This prestigious award is a testament to her unwavering dedication to serving the public and making a positive difference in the lives of others.

In 2012, Butler received the Public Education Award from the Illinois Chapter of the MS Society, underscoring her commitment to raising awareness and educating the public about multiple sclerosis. This recognition signifies her significant contributions to public education and her efforts to support individuals affected by this condition.

Furthermore, Butler’s exceptional work and contributions as part of the ABC 7 Weather Team were celebrated with an Emmy Award in 2014. Alongside her colleagues, she received this prestigious honor for their outstanding coverage in the special program “Surviving the Storm.” This recognition speaks volumes about Butler’s dedication to providing accurate and impactful weather reporting, as well as her ability to effectively communicate vital information during challenging times.

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