Shaina Humphries FOX 29, Biography, Wiki, Age, Parents, Husband and DNA

Shaina Humphries Biography

Shaina Humphries is an American journalist who works at FOX 29 in Philadelphia, Penn, United States. She joined the station in February 2019 as a co-anchor of The FOX 29 News broadcasts weeknights at Five, Six, Ten, and 11 pm.

Shaina’s broadcasting career took flight when she joined KCCI Tv in Des Moines as an anchor and reporter in 2012. Her journey into the world of journalism began shortly after completing her Master’s degree at Northwestern University’s prestigious Medill School of Journalism. Armed with her educational background, she embarked on a path that would allow her to inform and engage audiences with her reporting skills.

During her tenure at KCCI Tv, Shaina played a crucial role in covering four major election cycles in Iowa. Her insightful reporting and dedication to providing accurate and comprehensive coverage of the political landscape contributed to the station’s commitment to delivering reliable news.

In 2017, Shaina’s focus shifted towards shedding light on Iowa’s opioid addiction epidemic, dedicating herself to KCCI’s yearlong State of Addiction initiative. Alongside her responsibilities as the station’s 9 pm anchor, she delved into this pressing issue, raising awareness and offering a compassionate perspective on the challenges faced by individuals and communities impacted by addiction.

Shaina Humphries

In February 2019, an exciting new chapter awaited Shaina as she joined Fox 29 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Taking on the role of co-anchor for The FOX 29 News broadcasts during weeknights at Five, Six, Ten, and 11 pm, she brought her journalistic expertise and engaging presence to the Philadelphia audience.

Prior to her move to Philadelphia, Shaina had made significant contributions as an anchor and reporter at KCCI-Tv in Des Moines since 2012, further solidifying her reputation as a trusted voice in the industry.

Shaina’s remarkable work in the field of journalism has been recognized and celebrated. She was honored with an Upper Midwest Emmy Award, acknowledging her contribution to a roundtable discussion on the early impact of the #MeToo movement. This recognition attests to her commitment to addressing important social issues and providing a platform for meaningful conversations.

When she’s not immersed in the newsroom, Shaina finds joy in various activities. Biking is one of her passions, and she eagerly participates in RAGBRAI, a renowned cycling event that takes place each summer. Additionally, she cherishes quality time spent with her beloved Boston Terrier, Elleanor, who she welcomed into her family through adoption.

In 2016, during her time at KCCI Tv, Shaina had a memorable encounter at a red-carpet event in Iowa Falls. Among the notable attendees was the esteemed Australian-British actor, singer, and producer, Hugh Jackman. A photo of Shaina and Jackman together at the event sparked speculation among her followers, generating excitement and curiosity. However, the details of their interaction remained a delightful mystery, adding an air of intrigue to the red-carpet affair.

Shaina Humphries Age

Shaina Humphries is 33 years old in 2023. Shaina was born on July 23, 1989, in Chicago, IL, United States.

Shaina Humphries Height

Shaina stands at an average height of 5 ft 8 in (1.73 m) with a moderate weight.

Shaina Humphries’ Parents

Shaina was born in Chicago, IL. However, details about her parentage and heritage are quite scanty. There is no information on her mom and dad but it is said that she has 2.8% British and Irish heritage. She is also said to be of mixed ethnicity.

Her ethnicity draws a lot of interest may be because of her black curly natural hair. Shaina’s ethnicity is African American as she is half black. However, it is also known that she has 2.8% British and Irish heritage.

Shaina Humphries Husband

When it comes to matters of her personal life, Shaina has chosen to keep a low profile and maintain a level of privacy. She has not shared much information about her romantic relationships, leaving her fans and followers curious about her love life. Details about a potential husband, boyfriend, engagement, or marital status remain undisclosed at this time.

Shaina Humphries DNA

During her time at KCCI Tv in 2017, Shaina embarked on a personal journey to delve into her ancestral roots. With a desire to gain a deeper understanding of her heritage, she decided to undergo ancestry DNA testing, a process that would provide insights into her diverse background.

The results of the DNA testing revealed a fascinating mix of ancestral origins for Shaina. The findings showed that she has a rich and diverse heritage, reflecting her unique genetic makeup. According to the results, Shaina’s ancestry comprises various ethnicities, including 50% black, 25% Italian, and 25% Assyrian.

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