Derek Muller Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Parents, Wife, Married, Veritasium, and Net Worth

Derek Muller Biography and Wiki

Derek Muller is an Australian-Canadian science communicator, filmmaker, television personality and inventor. He is best known for his YouTube channel Veritasium. He has also been a correspondent for Bill Nye Saves the World, a Netflix online series, since 2017.

Since 2008, Muller has been identified as a team member of the ABC television show Catalyst. He taught in a tutoring company during his Ph.D. program, and after completing the program in 2008, he obtained full-time employment as a science director. At the end of 2010, he resigned from his position.

He then started his YouTube channel “Veritasium” in 2011, and it quickly became his main source of income. Veritasium is derived from the Latin word for truth, Veritas, and the suffix-ium, which is common to several elements. This results in Veritasium, a pun on the phrase “element of truth” and a reference to chemical elements.

The number “42.0” in its logo, which has been a registered trademark since 2016, resembles a periodic table element. The number was chosen because it appears in Douglas Adams’ famous novel as “The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything.”

He launched a second YouTube channel, 2veritasium, in July 2012.  Muller uses the new platform to create editorial videos about filmmaking, behind-the-scenes footage, and fan reactions to popular Veritasium movies, among other things.
He started publishing movies to his newest channel, Science, in 2017, which is dedicated to videos about recent and historical scientific discoveries.

He has appeared on Catalyst since 2011, reporting on scientific stories from around the world, and on Australian television network Ten as the “Why Guy” on the Breakfast program since 2011.

Derek Muller Age

Muller is 39 years old as of 2022, he was born on November 9, 1982, in Traralgon, Victoria, Australia.

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Derek Muller Height and Weight

Muller stands at an average height and moderate weight. He appears to be quite tall in stature in his photos, relative to His surroundings, are anything to go by.

Derek Muller Family and Parents

Muller was born and raised by his father, Anthony, and his mother, Shirley. After their marriage in South Africa, they resided in Vancouver, Canada where his two sisters, Kirstie and Marilouise were born.

His father got a job in Traralgon, at a pulp and paper mill and they moved to Australia where Muller was then born and when he reached 18 months old, the family moved back to Vancouver.

He earned a Ph.D. in physics education research from the University of Sydney, which he completed in 2008 with a thesis: Designing Effective Multimedia for Physics Education.

Derek Muller Wife and Married

Muller is married to his loving wife Raquel Nuno, a planetary scientist. In their marriage, Muller and his wife have been blessed with three wonderful children.

Derek Muller Net Worth

Muller has an estimated net worth of $5million as of 2021

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